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Do you want to double sales for clients or your company? Do you know strategies and tools used by successful Sales Agencies worldwide?


HubSpot surveyed 1, 400 sales agency professionals across the world to uncover new strategies for unlocking sales in 2019. 


Here are top 5 picks from the sales processes, tools and methods shared by respondents.


1. 31% of sales professionals said their company had no well-defined sales process, while 46% said they had processes but are not always duly followed.  



Develop, deploy and adhere to crystal clear sales process. Share with all team members, measure results and iterate over time. 


2. 13% of sales professionals said getting in touch with clients was difficult, while 12% complained that they could not inspire prospects to buy promptly.  



Make detailed records of contact information of prospects, leads and hand raisers in your pipeline accessible to relevant team members for improved nurturing. 


3. 50% of sales professional said their sales cycle spanned between 31 to 90 days which constitutes major reason for good chunk of leads to go cold and probably withdraw. 



What makes your sales process take long? Cut it to the shortest possible period in order to increase win rate. 


4. 36% of sales professionals said they serviced averagely 1 to 3 retainers on monthly basis, while only 21% reported servicing 10 or more retainers monthly. 



While it is cool to focus on new businesses, work on how revenue models or programs that will help you retain new clients. 


You can as well explore new ways to get more businesses from existing or previous clients.


5. 64% of sales professionals said they did not use video to prospect or close new business. 



According to Wordstream, Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Include video in your sales process for either prospecting or further drive leads down the funnel.  


Also, consider personalized video for certain prospects to make them feel special and eager to talk to you.